Michael Lewis


Michael Lewis was born in Hamilton, ON. He lives and works in Toronto. For further information on the work of Michael Lewis please contact

info [at] michaellewisartist [dot] com


1989-92 Ontario College of Art, Experimental and New Media Program, Toronto, ON.

Public Collections

2009 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.
2004 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.


Canada Council for the Arts: 2001, 2003, 2008, 2009.

Toronto Arts Council: 2003, 2007, 2011.

Ontario Arts Council: 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011. 


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Crumple (Jan 13th – Jan 28 2012 Meredith Keith Gallery, Toronto, ON.)
| |
The Human Pool
2009 | Evergreen Cultural Center | Coquitlam, BC (solo)

2009 | Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Halifax, NS. Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, SK. | Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON (group)

What's What is What
2008 | LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art | Toronto, ON (solo)

Hide & Seek
2008 | LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art | Toronto, ON (group)

Strange Encounters
2008 | Centre d'exposition l'Imagier | Gatineau, QC (group)

2008 | Cambridge Galleries, Design at Riverside | Cambridge, ON (group)

I'll Take Care of It
2007 | LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art | Toronto, ON (solo)

Witness The Culmination
2007 | The New Gallery | Calgary, AB (solo)

Ancestor Corridor
2007 | Cambridge Galleries | Preston, ON (solo)

2007 | Forest City Gallery | London, ON (Two-person show) (group)

2007 | LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art | Toronto, ON (group)

Mass Hysteria
2006 | LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art | Toronto, ON (solo)

Ancestor Corridor
2006 | Centre d'exposition l'Imagier | Gatineau, QC (solo)

Selected Artists' Recent Works
2006 | Katherine Mulherin Art Projects | Toronto, ON (group)

You Don't Wanna Miss That Shit
2005 | Katherine Mulherin Art Projects | Toronto, ON (group)
(Presented at The Gladstone Hotel)

First View: New artists to the collection
2004 | Art Gallery of Ontario | Toronto, ON. (Curated by Ben Portis, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art) (group)

Camomile Testarossa
2003 | Project Space 1066 | Toronto, ON (group)

2000 | Tableau Vivant | Toronto, ON (solo)

Last Century Modern
2000 | Spin Gallery, Toronto | ON (group)

Gallery Artists
2000 | Tableau Vivant, Toronto | ON (group)

1999 | Tableau Vivant | Toronto, ON (solo)

Easel Paintings from the Phantom City
1997 | University of New Brunswick | Fredericton NB (solo)

Paranoiac Presence
1992 | 888 Ossington | Toronto, ON Installation (solo)

Hatches and Cranks
1988 | The Purple Institution | Toronto, ON (solo)